"Could It Really Be Possible... 

That 8 Weeks From Now Your Business Could Finally Be Moving In The Right Direction? 

Let’s Work Together to Overcome the Steep Learning Curve and Shortcut Your Way to Financial Success Through Real Estate Investing.

Are You Ready For Success?

Let me ask you this…

Are you frustrated with your current real estate investing success?

When you started building your real estate business, did you think that by this point in time you would be further along than you are now?

So let’s be honest here - and let me ask you this; what has been holding you back from having the success you desire and deserve?

Is it that you know exactly what to do and how to do it, but are having difficulty implementing it?

Or perhaps you are implementing things just fine – just the way you have learned in the eBooks or courses you have bought, but you just aren’t getting the kinds of results you think you should?

Or is it deeper than that – "You don’t know what you don’t know"?

Have you ever thought, "I wish I had someone I could just ask" … maybe you have been stuck on a particular step in something, and wished you had someone you could talk to who has “been there, done that” to answer your question instead of struggling through it yourself?

The Truth of the Matter Is This - You Need A Coach

You need someone who can answer your questions and give you laser-targeted direction for the exact next thing you need to do.

Then you go do it.

Then you come back, ask another question and get the next step, the next exact laser-targeted step to take.

How would that feel, to have someone there to answer your specific questions, and show you step by step – as you need it, not all in one big brain dump, exactly what to do next, each and every step of the way?

Would it feel good like yeah, I can really do this?

That’s what working with me will be like!

Here’s the thing – you have been struggling because you’ve been trying to do it on your own.

Sure, you might be buying a real estate course here, another course there, maybe you are addicted to webinars and you listen in on a new one each week. But that’s not real advice that fits YOUR specific circumstances.

And you don’t want to continue down that path, do you?

I know what you’re up against and I can help…

That’s why I have created my exclusive 8 week eCoaching Program, so that you and I can work personally together to build your real estate business.

Who Is This Coaching Program For?

The coaching program was created for real estate investors of all levels who want to become more successful with their businesses.

See which of these applies to YOU…

*I am new to real estate investing and I desperately need some direction and guidance to figure it all out!

*I am somewhat experienced, making some money … but, I’d really like to significantly increase my profits!

*I am an experienced real estate investor who wants to take my business to the “next  level” of profitability.

If you fall into one of these above descriptions, then this coaching program is for YOU!

Give Me An Honest Answer to This Question... 

How's your real estate business doing?  

Take just a moment and answer that question before you move on to another sentence. Really; stop right now and think about the current status of your efforts to grow your business.

If you’re not completely satisfied with the results, then read on, because I believe I can help you improve your bottom line with personalized eCoaching.

You Don’t Just Need a Road Map To Succeed,

What You Need Is a Good Tour Guide To Get You There More Quickly…

A road map points the way, but a tour guide is there to personally show you the way, explaining important things along the way … as they apply to YOU and YOUR SPECIFIC SITUATION.

You have courses, you have information, you’ve heard the calls and been to the seminars…but you need someone to help you put it all together; to apply all this info to YOU! Right?

What you need to go the distance is a tour guide that will give you honest, specific and precise feedback about what you’re doing.

That’s where I come in. 

“I pledge to give you honest and forthright feedback and suggestions about anything related to YOUR real estate investing business.”

With this program, you get ten weeks of personalized, one-on-one coaching to answer any of your real estate investing business questions. The advantages of this type of guidance are clear…

Personalized. That’s right, it will be personal. I’ll look at your contracts, your direct mail pieces, your website, your ads, your bandit signs … your business. 

This is all about you, not the “masses” out there. You and I communicate one-on-one.

Specific. I’ll give you specific feedback about how to improve your real estate investing business. If you want to talk about marketing, then I’ll tell you how to make changes to get more motivated seller calls. 

If you want to build a buyer’s list I can help you do that. If you want to talk about your deals, then I’ll explain how best to structure them to gain the most profit. If you don’t know exactly what to say to a seller, I can help you with that. I’m talking about specific strategies that you can begin using immediately to bring more profits to your business.

Daily. Well, almost daily. We’ll communicate Monday through Thursday through the designated private email. Four days a week. You post a question, I respond with specific feedback and suggestions. You implement the changes and we move on to tackle the next thing that you want to accomplish. I will send written responses and even video sometimes. Just For YOU.

Comprehensive. That’s right; you get to set the curriculum. Whatever is most important to you, that’s what we’re going to work on. Maybe it's:

*Driving traffic to your buyer or seller site

*Creating direct mail pieces

*Where to place your bandit signs or even if you should use them.

*Putting together a joint venture project

It doesn’t matter … it’s up to you. You call the shots. You let me know what you want to “figure out” and we’ll get it done.

Honest; you’ll always get my honest and forthright opinion. I won’t sugar coat it just to make you feel good. I’ll be kind and encouraging, but I’ll also call it like I see it. If your deal stinks, I’ll tell you.  If your marketing pieces are a mess, I will tell you  that. I will also tell you how you can fix that problem. All the while mind you, anytime you are heading off track, I’ll point you in the right direction.Bottom Line: It’s all about helping you build and improve your business, addressing specific issues of importance to you. I’ll be the tour guide … you tell me where you want to go.

Seriously, we can address anything you want to talk about that relates to real estate investing.

Topics such as…

  • Marketing Basics
  • Getting your phone to ring; finding deals
  • Talking to sellers
  • Inspecting the property
  • Analyzing your deals
  • Establishing your buying criteria
  • Negotiating with sellers and buyers
  • Making offers
  • Working with realtors
  • Contracts
  • Wholesaling
  • Personal goal setting and accountability
  • Building your power team
  • Building your value statement
  • Setting goals for your real estate business
  • Setting up your office
  • The correct way to set up your files
  • Setting up your “mobile office”
  • Building your buyer’s list
  • What constitutes a cash buyer?
  • Do you need a bookkeeper?
  • Hard money vs. private money
  • Effective use of bandit signs
  • Exit strategies
  • Outsourcing - Using Virtual assistants & interns

What we cover is completely up to you. 

There is no set “curriculum” that we are going to go through.  For 8 weeks we cover what you want to cover. We improve what is most important to you.

We’ll work together.

Ready to get started TODAY? (Literally, we can begin the coaching program later on today or tomorrow … depending on when you are reading this). Remember, weekdays, Monday -Thursday – but you can start sending questions now…I just answer on Monday through Thursday.

We Will Get You Headed In the Right Financial Direction

8 Weeks of Private Email, Daily eCoaching, and More.  At the end of 8 weeks, you will get a bonus 30 minute strategy session via Skype. That's right.  This session normally costs $97, but you get this at no additional charge.

Why eCoaching instead of phone? Well…the answer is because it’s easier for us both! There won’t be any time or scheduling conflicts; and time zones don’t matter. We can ask and answer around our life instead of having to be tied to a phone! Plus, you’ll have your answers in writing to refer back to over and over again. 

Before we get started, let me explain to you how the personal coaching works. After you submit your order below, here’s what will happen in the coaching program. Remember that this coaching is tailor made for YOU!

Step 1: Checkout and get the Private Email.

After your order is processed, you’ll be taken to a page where you will gain access to my private, personal email address. Plus, I will email you personally, just to make sure that you have the email address. You will also get a short questionnaire to fill out so we can tailor this program to your needs.

Step 2: Send me your first email.

Send me an email to the address to get started. I’d like to get to know a little about you as we begin our journey together. Specifically, I want you to answer these questions for me in you  very first email so I can analyze your specific needs:

  1. What are your goals? Both short-term and long-term. Clearly let me know what you want to accomplish with you  business and with the coaching program.
  2. Where is your buyer and/or seller (or any other) website? Please provide the exact URL so I can access your current site(s) and make notes about how we can improve it. Please double-check your link to avoid delays.
  3. What is your most important question? Please let me know where you want to begin. I need to know what you think is most important and what you have in mind to address first.
  4. What obstacles are making you crazy? Road blocks, tech frustration…you know there is something! Tell me about the biggest obstacle that you are facing NOW. You know … the one that is keeping you stuck and prevents you from moving forward.
  5. What do you want to achieve in the next 8 weeks?  Don’t be afraid to think big.

Step 3: Interact daily.

Each day (Monday through Thursday) you will receive a reply from me regarding your latest question. Each day you ask a question, and I answer the question. You implement the changes and suggestions that I make, and we progress through the coaching program. You can also attach files in case you have a marketing piece, contract or something similar that you want me to critique.

This eCoaching program is basically is a personal, one-on-one, question and answer 8 week coaching program. And if you need more time to figure it all out, we can extend the program for another 8 weeks. 

Here is what I want you to think about; Wouldn't it be great to get your business up and running in a matter of months rather than to continue to struggle for years?

But, there are some “terms”. This program has to work for both of us so please read these very carefully before proceeding…

How This Coaching Program Works

1. Only one question per day. Each day you may post ONE question for me to answer. If you ask more than one question, then I’ll only be able to respond to the first one. Due to the nature of this program (literally, "personal  training" where I take the time to look at your specific situation) I cannot answer more than one question per day. If you skip a day you don’t get to “catch up” later. So be sure to send your question every day.

2. Holidays and weekends are idle days. We will take the weekends off, and any major holidays that may arrive during our coaching relationship. Trust me; we’ll keep plenty busy the rest of the days… we’ll both deserve the break.

3. The content is up to you. We don’t have a set “curriculum” that we’re going to work through. There isn’t a checklist to make our way down. There are no eBooks to read, no audios to listen to, no training to complete. What we cover is completely up to you. It’s the best way I know of to make certain you get the kind of information and specialized assistance that can best help you. You ask any questions you want, and I’ll answer them.

4. I’m not your lawyer or accountant, so be warned. You can ask any questions you want, but let me make a disclaimer: You may ask questions regarding contracts, assignments etc. and I hope that you do. I will do my best to answer those types of questions. I have extensive experience in these areas.  But understand my responses are for informational purposes and should not be construed as legal or tax advice. You should consult your own attorney or tax pro for those types of questions.

5. If you ask crazy questions, I’ll give you a crazy answer. Please don’t ask any silly questions. Sorry, but I have to include this in the “terms” or I’ll get stuff like, “Sharon, please tell me the "101 best strategies for finding deals” or “What are the exact steps to make a million bucks in real estate.” If you ask those kinds of questions, you just wasted your money. What we’re trying to accomplish here is improving you  specific business strategically and profitably. We can only do that by asking (you) and answering (me) questions that are realistic.

6. You’ll hear from me each day. Each day (Monday through Thursday) you’ll hear back from me on your current question of the day. Please make certain that you have your new question posted by 8:00 A.M. EST in order for me to respond. It’s also OK to shoot them over to me the night before they are due. I will respond by end of business day, the same day. If you skip a day or two, remember that there are no “rollover questions”. We’re not stocking up questions for one MEGA email on Thursday.

I will give you suggestions for changes and improvements. You can work at you own pace to accomplish them. Sometimes you may get it done within a few minutes. other times, you may decide to take a few days. That’s completely up to you and how quickly you want to implement the strategies we talk about. Again, this program is designed with you in mind … work at a pace that you are comfortable with. I can tell you this; the speed of implementation has everything to do with success!

7. At the end of our 8 weeks together, it's time to schedule your bonus 30 minute Skype call.  We can talk about how far you have come, any "loose ends" you want to tie up, and how you can best move forward to grow your real estate investing business.

So Are You Ready to Get Started?

You’ve got your own personal coach waiting to answer your questions. I’m here, and I’m ready and willing to help you build your real estate investing business.

We can begin today, if you like.

If you're ready to get started, order the personal coaching below and begin your coaching immediately!

Great! I’m glad you’re serious about your business and are serious about becoming more successful. I’ll be honest with you; I don’t want to work with anyone who doesn’t treat their business like a business.

You have to be willing to work. You simply must be willing to invest both your time and your money in growing your business. Quite truthfully, you’ll never see significant income unless you do those things.

You may be thinking, “So, Sharon; how much does this coaching program cost?”

Well, let me ask you a question…

How much is it worth to you?

How much is it worth to have someone personally coach YOU? To have someone to answer your specific questions about your real estate investing business? How much is it worth to have a successful real estate investor on your team with over a decade of experience helping you out one-on-one?  This eCoaching program is marked way down from what I usually charge for my personalized phone coaching. So take advantage of this special offer today.

Join My Exclusive 8 Week eCoaching Program Today for Only... $597 or Two Payments of $350.

Now, if you don’t think it’s worth $597, then you haven’t been paying attention. If you don’t think it’s worth 3 times that price, then you don’t value my time.  And you don’t value your time either.

There should be a smile on your face right now. I know it’s a steal. And so do you.

But, hold on… 

Only A Limited Number Of People Will Be Accepted. 

Not everyone gets in. Remember that this is personal access. I want to be absolutely sure we are a fit, and I want you to get the most value possible from your one on one, personalized eCoaching program. For that reason, I have to limit it to a few motivated individuals.

I’d hate for you to miss out, so don’t let that happen. If you feel like this elite group is right for you, then let’s get started. You can order below. Send me your first email. And let’s get you headed in the right direction.

You tell me where you want to go… And I'll be your tour guide. 

Join My Exclusive 8 Week eCoaching Program Today for Only $597 or Two Payments of $350. 

Happy investing!



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"How Can I Get More Leads In My Business"?


The answer is simple; MARKETING. If you don't have a steady stream of leads coming into your business day after day, you will be out of business before you know it. Having a marketing plan, setting up systems, and actually executing that plan are the keys to success no matter which area of real estate you intend to specialize in.  Marketing is truly the "secret sauce" for success.  If you are confused and overwhelmed when it comes to marketing, I can help you cut through the crap and put together a solid marketing plan to get your phone ringing.

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Comments About This Program

"Thank you so much for all your help. I was so frustrated. Before joining your coaching program I was ready to quit; ready to give up my dream of real estate investing.

You helped me clarify my goals, put a plan into action, and I just closed my first deal. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Robin F.

"Sharon gives invaluable advice! She's cuts through the bull, and gives direct, meaningful guidance to help advance your business. It's clear why Sharon excels in her niche as an expert . I would recommend her to anyone interested in getting started in real estate investing, or for the more experienced investor who needs some help adjusting their approach. Thanks again, Sharon!

Zach S.

After spending a couple of years "spinning my wheels" while also working a full time job, I now have a plan for moving my business forward that doesn't leave me completely overwhelmed. I'm so happy I found your program.

Jason M.




"Frequently Asked Questions"

How does the 2 payment option work?

You will be billed for your second installment 30 days from the time you join this exclusive eCoaching program.

Marketing is my weakest area.  Can we focus entirely on marketing for my coaching?

Absolutely! If that is your "weak link" that's where we will focus all of our attention.

Can I continue the program after the initial 8 weeks?

Yes you can!  We can extend the program as long as you like.  We will simply continue the same billing process. 

I tried direct mail once, but I failed miserably. Can you help me with this?

Absolutely! I have been doing direct mail marketing for over 20 years. I can help you get started and set up your systems.